Finally, a company that recognises my status

(Please note that I spelled “recognises” the British way. I’m learning!)

I’ve always thought that the title “Mr” never really summed up exactly who I am. It always felt a bit common or pedestrian to describe myself that way. Not that I want to be called “Mrs” or “Ms” of course: I’m fairly certain that I am male, but let me check…yep, still male. It’s just that I wanted a title that better defined me as a person. “The Reverend Doctor Jason Slaughter” always appealed to me, but I’m not religious…or a doctor for that matter.

Thankfully British Airways–everybody’s favourite big-business airline–knows that the members of its “Executive Club” frequent flyer program are a special breed. Like me. So when I signed up and selected my “title” from their little pull-down menu I was pleasantly surprised to see not just the bog-standard Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, Herr, Monsieur, and Frau, but a list truly deserving of the nose-in-the-air crowd.

The military is well recognized by BA. They’ve got Admiral, Lieutient, Sergeant, Corporal, First Officer, and even the dreaded Rear Admiral. They’ve got politicians covered with titles like President, Senator, and Governor but strangly no Prime Minister. Royalty are well taken care of with titles like Her Majesty, His Majesty, Prince, Princess, Her Highness, and His Highness. They’ve got wacky foreign titles like Jonkheer, Khun Ying, Hajim, Puan Sri, Embajadora, Tengku, and everybody’s favourite Tan Sri Dato. The religious are served with titles like Father, Rabbi, Reverend, and Pastor. They even have The Hon Justice, His Holiness, Deacon, Lord, Viscount, Brother, Sultan, Dame, Judge, and Justice.

It was a long search, but I finally found the title that suited me best. Thanks again BA for recognising me for who I am:

Crown Prince Slaughter

What title are you?

4 thoughts on “Finally, a company that recognises my status”

  1. damn it! Your posts are so much snazzier because you know HTML code. A drop down box?! bah!

    ps. I’ll take embajadora please!

  2. Thanks for the link! I of, course, am the Dreaded Rear Admiral by default, but given that list, I have to say “His Holiness” has a nice ring to it to.

    It’s great that the company wants to keep its bases covered, but is the Pope really likely to join the Executive Club?

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