Come on Homer!

Today is the big race day for the Grand National.grand-national.jpg

I find it incredibly amusing that people care so much about horse races here. To me, I associate horse racing and betting to be a bit seedy, but that’s probably episodes of the Simpsons with Santa’s Little Helper that has scewed my perception. In any case, I can’t understand what the fuss is all about, but people seem to care. Especially the free newspapers in the Tube who like to report on which British famous person I’ve never heard of is attending, and which ridiclous hat is she wearing.


Jason entered a betting pool of some sort. So now we sort of care too. Well I care about our 4 horses. So, come on Bothar Na, Philson Run, Homer Wells, and Thisthatandtother!! Homer Wells sounds like a winner, I’ve placed my hopes on him.

And speaking of horse racing, we bought tickets to the Royal Ascot in June today, the horse race of the year. Now I need to buy a hat (I’m not joking).