2 wires, £81 each

I solved my little BT problem last night. After some short research on the net (particularly this great PDF) I found out that it really was as easy as I thought it would be.

Here was my daunting task: 6 wires. But which should I hook up?!

6 wires

According to my research online, only two are required (technically wire 3 should be hooked up or the phone won’t ring but those little ADSL filters they give you take care of that and the less noisy wires the better for Internet access). 5 minutes with my trusty 110-block punchdown tool later and we’re done (you do have a 110 punchdown tool at home, don’t you?):

110 punch down tool

And the final product:

Wired Up

5 minutes for £162. Not a bad day’s work. I hate you BT.

3 thoughts on “2 wires, £81 each”

  1. Didn’t that used to be the way Bell worked.

    100 bucks to flick a switch seems a bit much. Thank god for competition.

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