Just another day on Oxford Street

Poor Oxford Street. It get’s such abuse! A few weeks ago I mentioned the stampede at the opening at Primark. Last week there was a big fire above the NEXT store which crippled traffic in that part of Lonodn for hours (I look for the good YouTube video later). And now today chaos again as Top Shop launches it’s Kate Moss line.

No I didn’t go down there myself, I know better than to fight throngs of trashy (and chavy) British tweens. No, this photo is from the news, and it will do. But I do wish I worked a bit closer like my friend Adrienne who works just around the corner. It would have been very amusing to see the madness.


2 thoughts on “Just another day on Oxford Street”

  1. It was nuts…there was a queue 😉 starting at 8 when i walked to work then on my way back from work it stretched all the way around the building. I thought i would miss the crowd so walked around the back of the store and a car pulled up beside me and Lilly Cole (wikipedia her, young successful model) stepped right in front of me with some of her friends and went into the VIP party…that’s as close as i got…can’t believe she only modeled for 12 seconds!!

  2. Good Lord.

    She was in the window for 12 seconds? Surprised the tweens didn’t riot.

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