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It’s been a hell of a week! Work has been excessively busy, and even included a very last minute trip to Latvia. I landed back in London just this evening and after a massive delay on the Gatwick express due to a fire at some random station, I went straight to Selfridges to pick out my Ascot outfit (I know! A little last minute? But I was planning on shopping every evening this week after work … I just didn’t expect to be on a business trip this week!.. anyway..). I picked out a dress no problem, the hat situation .. well that was an ordeal. I can’t stress my vanity about this enough… I look damn good in hats. The hard part is not finding a hat that looks good, I’ll be honest they all look fabulous on me, the hard part is finding the right one to match my outfit. And p.s. to the sales lady at Selfridges, telling me: “on one hand it really goes, but on the other, it doesn’t” is really not helpful advice!! Either my tangerine jewel encrusted facinator with black veil goes… or it doesn’t!!

After no luck at Selfridges, I dashed into Debenhams relieved to find it open until 10pm and to my surprise ran into a coworker at her wits end over the exact same thing! In the end I we picked a bow-thing that isn’t so much a hat as a hair piece. I’m pleased.
We’ll post some photos tomorrow.

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  1. I was a bit confused at first – it says that Jason posted this entry! I was picturing him in a tangerine facinator…quite humourous!
    Have fun at the Ascot! We are still awaiting baby’s arrival…

  2. HELLO
    I can’t wait to see the hat….. or the outfit. Please post the entire picture.

    I am at a tradeshow in Taiwan. Diana is still saying “Yes I Do!” and I laughed a lot about this when I drove in… hilarious.

    BTW, I am officially a booth babe at this food show — the white curly girl hawking bagels. Awesome.

    Moi — Keep that baby in until Thursday. THURSDAY.

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