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I’m coming home from Berlin and I’m on the standsted express and it’s late. We get to tottenham hale were I can connect to the Victoria line and get home quite a bit faster than if I stayed on the express all the way down to London Liverpool. But it’s late it’s 11.45 so I decide to check London tube online for their last tube time, I.m that clever:
Tottenham Hale 0528 0544 0555 … … 0057 … 0720 … … … 0020
You can imagine my shock and anger when I get through the turnstile and hear that the last train left 15 minutes ago. Seriously? How? I read your damn schedule and checked!!! I go talk to the unhelpful man in the booth who tells me that it’s Sunday, trains finish early. I show him the online schedule still loaded up in my handheld and he frowns and says, oh … That schedule is wrong. Wrong?! How?!? How can you be wrong about the last train by 45 minutes?!? I’m pissed and I tell this guy how ridiculous this is. I’m trying to get to kings cross and had I known your schedule is WRONG I would have stayed on the express train all the way to Liverpool street and taken the tube there (which generally runs later) or taken one of the many short bus options. Now I’m stuck in zone 3 waiting for a series of2 night buses at midnight because you incompotent monkeys can’t get your schedule right!!! I know I say this all the time, but I am SO writing them an angry letter.
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3 thoughts on “Update your damn website”

  1. That sucks.

    You had your blackberry, fire off the email right away. I find I say I’m writing a letter, but then the anger goes away.

  2. I will probably cut an past this post as part of it…

    Usually that’s what happens to me too. The next day the rage is gone and the laziness of actually writing a letter kicks in. But today, after no more than 5 hours of sleept … I’m still very very pissed.

    And I just talked to a co-worker about this, and apparently the EXACT same thing happened to her… over a YEAR ago. The schedule has been wrong for a YEAR!!

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