7 Things I Hate about Moving

1. Not being able to figure out new appliances.
Our slick stainless steal gas stove has been well loved. All the numbers and settings are rubbed out. How I managed to
cook a turkey on Monday I’ll never know, but cooking has become a retro experience. If the recipe says cook at 350F …
I cook in what feels like a hot oven when I stick my hand in to check.

2. Not being able to figure out new appliances, again.
After several hours of angry beeps from our washing machine Jason figured out the the cold water pipe connected to the machine had been shut off. Fun.

3. Getting screwed by moving companies and their supposed maximum prices

4. Trying to get the Post Office to forward our mail to the new address when postal workers are on strike and the post office is closed.

5. Not knowing where any of your stuff is. Problem is much worse when you have 3 floors to contend with.

6. Dodgy pipes that lead to leaking showers that lead to wires shorting out that lead to lots of sparking and arching that lead to small panic attacks, a mad (futile) dash to Tescos in search of a fire extinguisher and a quick call to the fire brigade.

7. Trying to find the cats after 2 trucks worth of firemen search the entire house for that illusive fusebox (in noisy boots I might add) and scare the ba-jesus out of them. Note, cats like to hide IN fireplaces.

8. Not having internet for almost a month while the internet muppets sort out how to hook us up again. Come on!

Well lets hope the new place is worth all this hassel.
At least this answers where Britlog has been lately.

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  1. 2 blocks away to a very old, very British townhouse. I think it’s from the mid 1800s. The houses across the street are from 1840 I think.

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