Highway Robbery at Leister Square

This should really be lesson number one if you’re moving to London: don’t ever see a movie at the Vue Cinema in Leister Square. Well .. unless you think it’s normal to pay 12.50 for a flick. yes, 25 Canadian Dollars!
Now the thing is, I get to the theater with only a few minutes to spare so when the price comes up, I pause for a split second, try to remember what I paid at the move theatre in Angel a few months back… unpause, no time for this, and I pay the surly teenager (nice to see that is a universal constant).
Anyway, i text a few friends about how expense it is, and it seems that EVERYONE knows that Leister Square is overpriced. But let me tell you how much .. DOUBLE!

One friend simply texts: That’s Central London!

Is this even legal??
Come on! Double!

Plus side, The Darjeeling Limited was good. Also, I’ve learned my lesson -won’t go there again.

Oh, and whilst on a rant … British tv sucks. Nothing good is ever on. It’s just Big Brother and reruns of Friends. And as I sit listening to crap Smash Hits Radio … radio is not winning any rave reviews from me either. Not a good day for entertainment.

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  1. Yeah, the only countries allowed to produce television whould be the United States and Japan.

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