It’s turned a bit cold

The BBC may say 9C, but it’s turned chilly here in London.  I’ve had to retire my spring trench coat for a bit, dust off the old winter wool coat and even have soup for lunch! I wasn’t alone on the soup idea, Itsu a Japanesse noodel house in Mayfair (a chain I think) was packed with chilly Londoners.  Mind you, some of the girls in line clearly don’t dress for the weather.  Skinny jeans and flat shoes with no socks?!  No wonder your teeth are chattering.  And judging by the fashion jeans, I’d say they work in one the shops on nearby Regent Street not Bond Street.  No, Bond Street girls probably wouldn’t be allowed to wear jeans.  With rents of $1,504 psf (latest figures!) you’d better believe they’re too posh for jeans!

3 thoughts on “It’s turned a bit cold”

  1. Well, we’ll talk when you’ve had 327cm of snow in a season. poor muffin. Did I mention the 30 cm of snow and ice pellets we’re getting today?

  2. ..but my hands were cold today! I’d already retired my gloves for the season, and walking back to the office with my coffee (from a very cool New Zealander cafe by the way) my hand was freezing! It’s like 6C!

  3. I think that this is the beginning of the next ice age, so you’d better get those gloves out… the snowbank opposite our house is over 7ft tall at this point. It kind of looks and acts like an advancing glacier.

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