Looks a bit off?

I think I’ve been in too many airports lately… Just landed in Brussels, looked up and thought, hmm, I hope that car moves out of my way, i’m in a bit of a rush.
Strange place for a car. Was in Copenhagen this morning, reminded how much I love that city. Then in Amsterdam for 2 meetings before flying to Brussels. How’s the credit crunch? Depressing. But from the people I’ve spoken with, there is a glimmer of hope.
Since I spend a lot of time in Europe for work we’ve been drawn to the rest of England for our leisure weekends. Last week it was up in Ely to visit some of Jason’s friends (mates if you will) and the weekend before that it was beautiful old York. York was actually quite far north, it’s pretty close to the scotish border, and I was cold. But that just gave us plenty of excuses to settle in by a wood burning fire place (none of this north American gas stuff) with a few pints of british ale. This weekend? Not sure yet, but we’ve got a few ideas in the mix.

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