The credit crunch, it’s everywhere

Marking the term credit crunch officially into the mainstream as displayed by an advert at Moorgate tube station.
What’s happening in London? Nothing but doom and gloom and prophising the economic apocalypse. Any day now apparently. Every week it’s another story about mass layoffs and failing that it’s a story about how the recession WILL hit the UK harder or that the London financial centre is failing . The media sure loves the drama a recession brings. On our personal fronts we’ve got our jobs that keep us busy. And when not working we’re escaping the british winter. Last weekend I took off to Dubai and Jason to the egypt for some diving. Yes, yes, it’s not as bad as Canada, it’s just different. It’s the dampness. The mist, the never being dry. Right now Canada winter sounds good. So good that this weekend we’ll be getting a taste in Stockholm.
By the way, thoughts on Dubai? Never have I seen such a multi cultural city. Or a city with some much stuff half built. It’s facinating but at first experience, a tough place to live.

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