Can I really relate to people who have no clue who Mr. Rogers is?

still haven’t gotten around to writing my 2 year post.  sure, i’ve been busy during the week.  But this weekend is a slow weekend and i just can’t seem to get past the procrastination.

With Jason on a business trip i had the opportunity for a long quiet day with the city. Coffee, long walks, a trip to the Tate.  I also met up with 2 Canadian friends today, one for coffee and another for pints.  There is definetely a feeling of mass exodious of expats.  Layoffs, new visa rules… people are starting to head home.  It made me remember a conversation i had with a Canadian at my old company’s chrsitmas party. He’d been living here for almost 10 years, and after telling him that we had just moved over 8 months earlier his advice was:  make friends with locals.  Expats come and go, and if you rely on our Canadian network the day will come when they’ve all gone home.

There are still quite a few Canadian friends, but i see the trend forming.

anyway, read this very amusing article about moving to the UK by a writer at the Guardian.

re number 38, i did a quick poll, british, Aussie, Kiwi, Welsh…. all have no clue who Mr. Rogers is.  I was gobsmacked for a week.