Soft-Sell Telemarketers?

The evil telemarketer hunts for his next victimI was home sick today, so I had the joy of answering mid-day phone calls (who do they expect to be around to pick these in most homes?). One call was from BT (British Telecom) and it went as follows:

“Hello, is this Mr. Slaughter?”
“Oh Hello Mr. Slaughter. This is just a courtesy call from BT. Do you have Internet access in your home?”
“Yes I do.”
“Is it broadband?”
“Yes it is.”
“Would you consider switching your broadband to BT if we were to offer you a special deal?”
“Probably not, no.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I’m pretty happy with my current provider.”

.. all in all pretty normal, except for his response:

“Oh, OK. Well have a nice day then. {click}”

What the hell? In Canada I would have been arguing with the sonofabitch telemarketer all afternoon! Is that all it takes around here to get rid of a telemarketer? Amateurs! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Soft-Sell Telemarketers?”

  1. Try telling the Rogers telemarketer that you don’t want to bundle your services because you don’t want cable tv. Speechless!

  2. @Anonymous

    I have actually had that very conversation. “I don’t think you understand: I don’t watch TV, and I don’t want to watch TV, so I am not interested in your cable TV packages!”

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