Computer Says No… Little Britain moves to the USA

This was actually a top story this morning on the BBC.  It is a very funny show I hope it goes over well.

BUT!  Bigger news, (my top story!) yesterday was my second celebraty sighting!  More exciting that sighting number 1: Kelly Osborne, I actually saw David Walliams, this guy:

Outside of his cross dressing day job he’s a fairly attractive man.  I spotted him on Conduit Street in Mayfair outside of a posh bespoke tailor.  Well, actually my British coworker spotted him, told me his name and explained where I would know him from.  I’m not good at spotting celebs!

Celeb Sighting #1

Finally!  after 11 months of living in London I’ve finally spotted a celebrity.  Although technically I have seen the Queen at Asoct but I paid entrance to that and she’s not really a celeb per say.  And again, technically Adrienne and I did see that host of some BBC What Not to Wear type show at a gastropub in Belgravia months ago, but that was a D list celeb at best.  No … today I saw tabloid smut worthy celeb:

 Kelly Osborne

In her full red lipstick smeared glory, lunching at Cecconis in Mayfair. 

It was her ridiculous lipstick that caught my eye, actually.   I work a few buildings down from this corner restaurant and pass it almost every day.  It’s all windows the people essentially sit in a fish bowl, so I can’t help but peak in a bit as I walk by.  Today, I walked by and noted that all the tables were full of business suits picking (and mostly drinking) their lunches.  Except for one table where 2 girls sat gabbing away.   Females, no business suits … flailing red lips … you can understand why I noticed!

Well, the girls (Jaime, Lindsay I know you’re loving this!) and a few choice boys reading this can understand why I noticed.  The rest of you can’t believe the fuss over celebs, if you’ve even managed to read this far. 

As for me, I can’t believe I care this much.  I suppose I just think they are so funny, they are after all the modern day court jester.  And I think the amusement comes from the thought:  huh .. you actually exist in real life, weird.

 In any case, Jason, i’m sorry!

(and no … I did not sneek a photo.  It would have just been too ridiculous!)