Pub Quiz!

Last night we went to our first British pub quiz (well, second for Jason, our first together). It was in Hamel Hamstead about 20 minutes outside of London. Jason’s co-worker runs them every Wednesday. He runs a solid quiz, and even had a round of name that tune (with a connecting theme!). Sadly I will report that there was massive cultural bias! Like I know ANYTHING about Coronation Street, East Enders, Brit Pop, or Football! Oh, but speaking of football, quiz hosts should really steer clear of questions involving football in front of Londers. That one bloody question got soo much protest and discussion!

Anyway, here is a shot of the host on the mic last night:

We got matched up with two Brits that the host knew and we actually did ok. 8th out of 24 groups! (a lot more groups than my pub quiz!)