The End of Leisure

So that’s it. My unemployment comes to an end. After the long weekend I start working again.
Today when I went to drop off my signed contract, I snapped a few photos of the area around my work:


And as you can see, plenty of people enjoying the British weather:

Who ever said British weather sucks, so a liar!! The weather here is awesome (for now). 18C today, 20C tomorrow!
Spring is definitely here, you can see the trees were in bloom when I took this yesterday:


And here’s another one I took yesterday. The buses got in a bit of a traffic jam in front of Selfridges (on the right):

3 thoughts on “The End of Leisure”

  1. Snowed all stupid Weekend.

    Told the kids I was putting up a Xmas tree, as it was colder and snowier now then in Dec.

  2. Well it is still f**king cold here.

    Share the wealth, send some of that weather round this way.

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