Primark Madness! – J.Coyle, this post’s for you!

So Primark opened on Oxford Stree last weekend. I had meant to go for the Thursday 10am opening, but completely forgot. I’m not sure if it was as insane the first day, but this is what happened while we were away for Easter!!


Isn’t that crazy!!?! I like the cheap and chic-ness of Primark, but it’s not worth causing bodily harm! And Primark already exits in London!

Seriously… is this not insane?! What crazy backwards city do I live in?!



3 thoughts on “Primark Madness! – J.Coyle, this post’s for you!”

  1. WTF!!! I wouldn’t go through that for cheap bras! Those people are nuts!! But it is a great store. You do live in a crazy city…come back home……

  2. No way! You come here! And we’ll go to Primark. I’ll wear sharp heels and we’ll push these be-atches out of our way!

  3. LOL

    Just remember the Road Hockey we praticed in High School.

    A solid hip-check will straighten them out.

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