For the Love of Cheese – part 2: Morbier

We walked over to Angel today to visit HSBC (a bank that’s open on a Saturday!). I’m happy to report we’ve been granted the privledge of a credit card something Barclays wouldn’t give us. So goodbye Barclays. It’s not us, it’s you.

But I digress.
Today’s cheese, another first for me: Morbier from France


Apparently the bottom layer below the black layer of ash consists of the morning milk and the upper layer is made of the evening milk.
Supposed Tasting Notes: It’s a buttery, pungent cheese with hints of fruit and nuts. I would add that it tastes a bit leathery.
Not my favourite, but quite delicious.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Cheese – part 2: Morbier”

  1. Cheeses are like the jewels of the culinary world. So many different shapes and colours. When I get over there, we are going to do a blindfold cheese-test. Loser has to wear a hat made of nothing but Kraft singles.

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