Curses to you, Victoria Line

Old faithful, the trusty Victoria Line failed me again this morning. I arrived at Kings Cross to find the platform heavily backed up and an announcer encouraging people to move down and ‘use all available space on the platform’.

1st train arrives, I don’t even try to get on, I figure the crowd will pass soon, and the next train is about 1 minute away, no sense in getting pushy.
2nd train arrives. Surprising to me it’s just as rammed as the one before.
3rd train comes and goes and I realize if I want to get to work anytime soon I will need to get aggressive. I also realize that the heat inside one of those trains must be unbearable with all those people, so i remove my overcoat.
4th train comes. I almost make it on, but some fat lady successfully deters me with her fowl b.o stench. Well played.
The 5th tube arrives. Success! I manage to shove myself in. I ride the next 3 stops with my left arm pressed against some woman’s flabby chest (although it provided excellent impact absorption on the hard stops) and my right rib being jabbed by someone’s blackberry. I could actually feel his thumb scrolling along my ribs. eww.

Trip in this morning took just over 40 minutes. That’s quite a while for 5 stops!
And yet again, wish I had my camera. This morning would have made for some funny pictures!

5 thoughts on “Curses to you, Victoria Line”

  1. I had a comfortable ride on the train today and cycled in some absolutely stunningly beautiful weather. I wish I had my camera too, but for different reasons :).

  2. pfff!! indoors, with heat, trains coming at some regular frequency! that’s luxury, that is! try monday morning: blizzard, no bus for 45 minutes. wind chill of -15 and pelting ice. the 1st one too packed to get on, the second one is skidding around all over the place. luxury!

  3. Hmm…
    Well. On the way home the tube seemed great, got a seat not too crowded. Then we get to Warren Street station and the put the train out of service! So we all get off and crowd on the platform. Next train comes, and it’s packed maybe 2 people squeeze through in each door. Gee, this looks familiar! I didn’t wait around like a sucker, I instead went to the surface and took a bus. So ya, I suppose all the options make it quite luxurious!

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