Rainy Sunday

Another rainy day in London. And so far, it hasn’t got me down. I went to the Kitchen & Pantry in Nottinghill today. A cute cafe with awesome comfy couches that comes recommended from a friend of a friend. There are the odd smattering of couples who are actually there to talk to each other, but on a whole this place is a place to come drink coffee, sit and read or look intellectual with your laptop. Oh and the unwritten rule is Macs only.

After deciding that I’ve had enough of the couple making out in the couch across from me (note, everyone else in our area just raises their newspapers a little higher – or a script if you’re the guy beside me – to block the Sunday indecency) I trudged on in the rain to another cafe. There I ordered a soy cappuccino and a pretzel (odd thing to have in a cafe, but they looked tasty). I ended up with a regular cappuccino with an almond croissant. It never seizes to amaze me that in London it’s possible for two people who both speak English as their first language to misunderstand each other that much.

In other news, my London Look must be solidifying because I got asked for directions on two separate occasions today, bringing my weekend total to 6! And the scary thing is I was almost correct with the directions. I would always realize a few minutes later my slight errors, feel a bit bad but then think: meh! Don’t be asking a foreigner!

5 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday”

  1. hey…thought I would post a little message to say HELLO! I am jealous that you were just in spain for a weekend – how lovely! Love the ryanair posting – Air Canada has the silly pay for perks thing too which is ridiculous – you can choose not to earn aeroplan points – this saves you $3!! Whatever!
    Can’t wait to see you – feels like forever. Hope the sunshine soon returns. Wich we were having biscuits and tea in some cafe together…hi to Jason!

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