Rain: Day 4 or is it 5?

Maybe it’s day 6. I’ve lost track.
This evening it starting to wear on me. But that’s because I arrived home with wet feet and wet trouser cuffs. And yet I see people walking without umbrellas! Londoners must have a built up tolerance. They also seem to think it’s ok to go out in this weather in unusual shoe choices. Today I spotted suede loafer, open toe sandals and loads of the converse runners (yes, they’re back in fashion apparently). It seems only the likes of Kate Moss will wear Wellies.
I think I’ll feel better about this rain if I expand my fashion choices with some coordinating umbrellas. Five days of my trusty black one is getting me down.

2 thoughts on “Rain: Day 4 or is it 5?”

  1. Funny.

    My Boss let us go early as it was so nice. By the time I got home, it was pissing down rain.

  2. Pfft. Try living in Owase, Japan. Then you can complain about the wet stuff. 4000+ milliliters a year.

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