My life unfortunetely has been all about work, and studying for an upcoming exam. So unfortunetly i have limited stories to share. On the weekend I did manage to do at least one interesting thing. I went down to Putney to meet my friend Kaila to watch her boyfriend play some cricket. Amazingly, after 7 days of rain Sunday was glorious and sunny. It made cricket watching very pleasant:


What was surprising though, was given their prim and proper appearance, Cricket involves a lot of equipment adjusting. I think when they guys get ready to bat, bat, and finish batting, they spend more time sticking random padding and sorts down their trousers, adjusting and then removing said padding than they actually hit the damn ball!
But we did get flashed quite a few times!

Speaking of flashing. I joined a gym last week near my work that has a pool. I went Monday morning for a swim and flashed my whole lane and apparently my neighboring lane too, since it was a girl in the lane beside me who pointed out my dropping bathing suit. nice.
When i finished up a little while later, the life guards were quite smiley with me.
On the bright side, I know my chances of drowning are super slim.

4 thoughts on “Cricket”

  1. I can’t believe I take you to one topless beach in Span and you start flashing the whole pool back home.

  2. I was going to put swimming costume in that entry, but thought that sounded a bit weird!
    God, it’s like it’s English.. but not.

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