For the Love of Cheese – Part 3 the Swiss Addition

Did you think I forgot about this segment?
How can I forget about cheese!

In this 3rd installment of my 500 or so part series: For the Love of Cheese I profile Swiss Mountain cheese:

On the right, the white cheese is a very soft Ziegenkäse which literally translates to goats cheese. This cheese had a nice light flavour, and a distinct squeakiness that most mountain cheeses have. It tasted great with tomato.

On the left, we have Alpkase a nice lightly smoked cow’s milk cheese. I found that the thick rind had an overpowering taste, but Jason seemed to enjoy it. The flavour was much stronger than the Ziegnkase, but well balanced with the smoky notes. A fine cheese to enjoy on it’s own, or with a pint of German beer.

Both cheeses make for excellent snacks during a long hike and are best enjoyed at altitudes of approximately 1700m. It was particularly nice to walk past the cows and the goats and give them a silent thank-you: