Sunday: Swimming, Shopping and Sitcoms

My idea of a fantastic Sunday in London (when husband free):

Sleep in.
Go to the gym for a nice long swim (ignore the screaming kids having lessons 3 lanes over, and the mom&tots in the kiddie pool, and well.. the corresponding diaper-poo smell in the change room)
Take the tube to Nottinghill
Enjoy a chicken wrap, cappuccino and a fresh travel magazine on Kitchen & Pantry’s soft leather couch
Take the tube over to Bond Street
Spend the next several hours getting acquainted with Selfridges and reacquainted with my old friend Marc Jacobs (and the stupidly high exchange rates! This stuff is WAY cheaper in Canada)
Dinner at home with the cats
A pint at the local to help finish off the magazine
and finish with trashy American sitcoms.

One thought on “Sunday: Swimming, Shopping and Sitcoms”

  1. Sounds fantastic. Next weekend let’s do the same but with the husband .. er, wait, not next weekend. The weekend after?

    Hong Kong is hot and humid, but the strawberry Daiquiris at the party tonight were fantastic. You would have loved them.

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