When they say TUBE ..they really mean: hot stinky oven

Here’s an idea.
You know all that gold crap locked up in Buckingham Palace:

Ya, that obscene pile of gold. Why not sell it (auction it off, melt it down… I don’t care) and use the proceeds to put new trains on the London Tube that are perhaps AIR CONDITIONED!? Surly one family doesn’t need that much gold in their occaisonal home?! (To the Brits who read this, I’m sorry… I just don’t *get* monarchy. It seems dumb)

It’s June now. Riding the Tube to work is like taking a 45 minute joy ride in a crockpot.
I think it might be time to take the bus again.

2 thoughts on “When they say TUBE ..they really mean: hot stinky oven”

  1. You’re complaining about the tube (good) but also complaining about the monarchy (bad). I don’t know how the brits will take this one.

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