weekend observations

Another weekend in London.  Cultural learnings?  London runs some very good clubs.  We went to Gallery (owned by the Ministry of Sound) to see Christopher Lawrence spin on Friday.  Things better than Toronto clubs: 24 hour drinking license, snack truck on premises (toasted cheese sandwiches?! brilliant!).  Dancing to hard trance in a hot room does make people hungry.

Saturday I had lunch with a friend in a Maida Vale, a new (to me) neighbourhood.  It’s only within a few blocks of run down Edgeware Road, so it’s a surprising little pocket of niceness.  A bit of walk later I was in Nottinghill at my old stand by Kitchen and Pantry.  I haven’t been in a while but that day it was like romper room exploded in there.  I’m sorry K&P, I think we might need to break up.  I can’t enjoy my travel mag with bumper to bumper prams of screaming babies.

Since the weather is now amazing, I take a much much longer walk and later end up in Earls Court.  It’s been a few hours of walking, so i grabbed a bus down to Putney – sorry south londoners, this is just so far! I don’t care if you’re still tecnically zone 2, it’s bloody suburbua as far as I’m concerned. Nice river views though.  I note Saturday seems to be a day of minor judgements and several mental appologies.

Sunday, my London observation for the day is that the city does in fact do brunch.  I spent the first year here missing brunch and wondering how the city could exist without it.  Turns out it is in fact here, in full force.  We met our favourite Kiwis for brunch in Soho.  As we leave I notice that as the gay capital of London, Soho draws a very pretty crowd of boys brunching together.

ps. canadians, hope you’re enjoying Civic Holiday weekend, it’s  chilled down again here.