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So we use WordPress to publish this precious dribble, and today i discovered a new feature (it’s probably several years old, but I just noticed it).  If someone is Googling and ends up clicking on our blog, WordPress statistics keeps track of what Google search term was used to make them find our blog and actually click on us.

The results are outstanding.  Here are two favourites, and I promise these are truly not made up:

bobo the german puppet from beer fest

British Leafy Salads Conference d. 19. november 2008

for the leafy salad one, we’re number one!!

2 thoughts on “Google me this”

  1. I promise, the Bobo one wasn’t me.

    I have the same feature built in to the Points in Case site, and you wouldn’t believe the searches that lead to me.

    Here’s a sample:
    what your drink says about you
    obsolete jobs
    offensive halloween costumes
    college memories
    thai strippers
    college food budget
    what a drink says about you
    death pool picks
    seal beach walk of shame
    david nelson midget
    bang mai kok
    hall of fame part 2 voyeaur beach
    news llama rape
    kid rock and the midget
    play doh sex toys
    protractor head adam sandler
    sexy remedies for hangovers
    slutty zombie outfit
    mini me china show reality tv ron jeremy
    living with a midget
    johnny tampon swiss
    midget, bar las vegas
    what nickname has been given to the 5 stars on tv’s queer eye for the straight guy
    what nickname has been given to the five stars of tv’s queer eye for the straight guy
    do midgets and dwarfs have normal size sex organs?
    perverts r us
    chicago midget bar
    scientology walrus
    helper monkey penis massage
    midget yoga

    I can’t tell you how proud this makes me. I gotta lay off the midget jokes for a while

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