Olympic Fever

I spent most of last week back in Canada for my best friend’s wedding (strangely not at all like the movie). Whilst (enjoy that Jaime!) back in Toronto I watched quite a bit of the olympics. Now back in the UK I realise how good Olympic coverage is in Canada. In Toronto I can watch the Canadian coverage, the French-Canadian coverage and American coverage.

Here? I have minimal British coverage. No joke, we have 37 channels and only ONE has the Olympics, BBC1. And it’s mostly talk show format in which several dolled up ‘journalists’ lounge around a couch discussing results, not showing results. Come on UK, you’re 3rd in the medal standing surely you can do better to promote your athletes.

The best part? At 8pm coverage ends because Eastenders is on!!

One thought on “Olympic Fever”

  1. Whilst…..I’m going to start calling you Princess, and why wouldn’t you stop all coverage of ANYTHING for Eastenders. It’s the best damn show ever!!! You call yourself an expat…

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