Which kind of hockey?

Conversation goes a little like this,

Brit 1: ya I was once in Canada about 15 years ago and I remember someone asking me what I thought about Wayne greyzky. But I didn’lt know who that was.
Me: how do you not know who Wayne greyzky is??
Brit 1: ya, I don’t know. Just never heard of him
Me: my god! But he’s like a national hero! Hey, brit 2, do you know who Wayne getzky is?
Brit2: no. Who is he?
Me: my god! Only the most famous hockey player ever!
Brit2: what kind of hockey? Ice hockey?
Me: now you’re just taking the piss. There is hockey, and then there is field hockey and road hockey.
Both brits: shrug
Me: urgh’ nevermind.