Picnic with the Royals

I’ve noticed that picnicking is much more prevalent here. Maybe that’s because in Canada I worked in the downtown core where green space is limited to really only the TD Towers court yard. Or maybe it’s because there are a heck of a lot more people in this city that due to pure volume, it seems like more. Whatever the case is, people have no problems plopping down on the grass in a business suit munching on some M&S or Pret a manager sandwich pre-made delight.
At lunchtime today the park closest to my office, Grosvenor Gardens, was packed with people sprawled out on the grass enjoying their lunches. I grabbed a patch of grass and lazed in the sun with my sandwich and free London Lite paper reading up about the big Royal split. This is such big news here. Poor Wills and Kate. Like another famous Kate, Kate Middleton over the past few years became a bit of a style icon. Apparently she wore a dress from Top Shop once, and within hours it was sold out.

Well, since I don’t particularly care about the Royals. the gossip and all that nonsense, perhaps I can use her to help me choose a hat for the Royal Ascot that we’re going to in June (the big horse racing event of the year in which hat wearing is mandatory!)

So. Should i go with option A, a traditional saucer like chapeau that is just ooh so British?

Or… Option B, a miniature nouveux styled chapeau perched delicately on the side of my head reminiscent of a party hat you’d wear to a 5 year olds birthday party a Chucky Cheeses, but yet somehow looks Parisian chic?

5 thoughts on “Picnic with the Royals”

  1. Hey lovey!
    To further your posh education, the small hat is called a fascinator 🙂

  2. how did you get invited to this….Terry and I are jealous! I think you should go for the big hat!! I love it! It makes a HUGE statement. But from the photos above, the small ones look more stylish and interesting. I guess I am not very helpful!!

    I want a HAT! I will have to come and see you soon…

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