Never buy a Microsoft phone

I know this should be obvious, and I should have known better, but (suprise!) my Microsoft-powered “smart” phone that work bought me is a piece of trash. I’ve had this thing since November and it’s been nothing but trouble. The phone needs to be rebooted every day or the phone will stop rining and alarms and notifications will stop going off, making the phone basically useless. And now, whenever I reboot, I get this for about 10 minutes:


NEVER buy a Windows Mobile phone if you can avoid it. I’m just hoping that I can convince my work to get rid of this piece of trash and get me a BlackBerry again. Palm should be ashamed of themselves for going over to Windows.

2 thoughts on “Never buy a Microsoft phone”

  1. Hrmm.. perhaps. But I would say that 12 hours without email service (but still having a working phone) once in a blue moon is better than a phone that flips out, doesn’t ring, and requires a reboot on a daily basis.

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