BT, Bloody Theives

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they force you to get an £11/month home phone line with a £106 “set-up fee” to get DSL Internet (something not required in Canada). Now I find out that when BT hooks up your phone, they only hook up one phone jack. To get your phone line in any other room you need to pay for an “extension socket” for the low, low price of only £162.16 including installation. £162! Just so that we can get our ugly Internet router out of our livingroom and into our second bedroom!

I just couldn’t bring myself to do this because I know it’s just hooking up a few wires (I just don’t know where those wires are in my house). The sockets are already in the house, they’re just not live. A blindfolded retarded monkey could hook up a phone line:

Phone line twisted pairs

Does anybody know where the phone line hookup is normally found in a UK flat? I’m sure people regularly do this themselves. Certainly people don’t actually pay £168 to attach a few wires, right? Right?

Theiving Bastards

I do have to give them credit though – BT find some very innovative ways to screw people that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

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